a religion started in what is now the Czech Republic
Dude that moravian church is legit
by Bill December 29, 2005
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A country who fled like nancy's from the Germans....partially due to an outstanding cockfighting debt. Their prized handicapt chicken, "El Guapo" did not pull through
If they had not run like girls, I would love to one day visit Moravia.
by Tommy K the DJ June 26, 2005
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Great Moravia was a Slavic state that existed in Central Europe and lasted just over fifty years in the 9th century.
Its core area lay on both sides of the Morava river, the territory of today's western Slovakia and in Moravia and Bohemia (today's Czech Republic). The territory was inhabited by the ancestors of modern Moravians and Slovaks. Great Moravia played a significant role in the development of Slovak nationalism.
* Who was the most important monarch of Great Moravia ?

- The greatest territorial expansion made the King Svatopluk
by Charizard666 March 13, 2011
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A place where people have intercourse with pigs. In the middle of nowhere. If you blink you miss the town. "Pig fuckers live here"
Moravia New York is one of the smallest and weirdest towns I've been through
by stephmarie May 30, 2011
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