Catlike creature. Has a large red ball on its head attached by a long hair. Some can fly. Some can fight. Some are lazy bastards. All say kupo.
I hope to resurrected as moogle during a different life time.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
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cute furry little creatures with wings and a bobble on their head in every wordFinal Fantasy/word game, which is the best game series in the world.
Use the world 'kupo' at the end of sentences, usually when being friendly.

Moogles rule!
by kamì October 23, 2003
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Called "moguri" in Japanese, a name made by combining "mogura" (mole) and "koumori" (bat). Which pretty well describes them.
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
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A creature created for the Final Fantasy video game series, it has a large ball hanging off of it's head.
"Everyone wants to touch the moogles pompom"
by downgrade February 10, 2003
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Fuzzy Cute .. MOOGLE!? Where? in alomost every final fantasy game... "Kupo!"
Moogle = mole + Cat + bat?
by Nyutan March 13, 2004
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The moogle is a strange,catlike creature from the Final Fantasy series. Has a red pom-pom (in one case it has an orange one, but that isn't actually a moogle, but an Eidolon) attatched to their heads by an unknown appendage. Most types have batlike wings, which are functional, but barely. Their size and weight vary, as does their pixellations ratio. In Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals, for example, they are barely pixellated, but surprisingly fat.

This entire description can be summerised in a single sentance: Moogles Own All!
Hi! My names, Montblanc, Kupo!



Moogle + Kupo nut = Kupopo!
by Chris Bartlett October 1, 2005
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to moogle (moo-gul) *verb* - to excitedly claim "Kupo" and/or any variation of it.
Jeremy: The new Final Fantasy came out! Kupopo!
Braden: Did you just moogle?
by Hawkedizzle March 27, 2012
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