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It’s that one sung no one likes singing or having it be sung to you.
Everyone: (awkwardly) happy birthday to you
The birthday girl/boy: (awkwardly) *smiles*
by Gravity Club March 10, 2021
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It is a way of referring to October often used by kids. Also if you’re searching this up you probably came from Sr Pelo’s channel. If you didn’t, search up “it’s spooky month” on YouTube or just the inter and enjoy.
Guy 1: it is the spooky month!
Guy 2: OH IT IZ!
by Gravity Club March 10, 2021
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a word that can be used in a lot of contexts. It can be used in

1. a friendly manner,

2. a lovey-dovey manner, or
3. an intimidating manner
1. Oh darling I love your work! You've improved so much!
2. Come here darling. It's alright, we all get scared.
3. If you ever speak to my friend like that again I will personally see that you are to be used as the chew toy of Cerberus, darling
by Gravity Club October 30, 2021
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A piece of information that is usually false, often spread around to deteriorate someone’s reputation. You never quite know who heard it first, but the best way to stop one is to not spread it, keep it to yourself, no matter what.
If a guy ever spreads a rumor that he slept with you, don’t deny it.

1. Because there will always be people who think it’s true
2. That dumbass boy just handed you the power to say anything about what he’s like in bed, A ̶N ̴D̶ ̵ P ̶E̶ ̵O P̶ ̴L̴ E̵ ̶W̶ I̶ L L ̵ ̶B ̶E̵ ̵L̴ I̵ E V̶ E̴ ̴ ̵I̴ ̵T̴
by Gravity Club April 29, 2021
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