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1.A place where everyone is asian, and wears Abercrombie. There is a small group of emo kids mixed in there. Other then that, nada. Or whatever the Chinese word for nothing is. There are about three fat people, and everyone else weighs all of six pounds.

None of the guys there have ever heard of zit cream, I swear.

2. A high school where everyone has a GPA of 5.0. If one of them gets anything less than an A, they'll slit their wrists. Seriously, It's happened.

3. Land of the Miniskirts. There is no dress code. You could come to school wearing nothing but stickers on your nipples and not get in trouble.

4. Home of the Matadors. Yes, we are the bull killers who get killed by bulls, and dress up in sparkly clothing. Why couldn't we be something less embarassing, like the Monta Vista.. Moose?

5. Everyone there is either over six feet or under five. Makes being five'seven" hard.

1. "Hey, dude, check out that girl in the Abercrombie shirt!" "Which one?"

2. Kamar got a 99 on his test, so the janitor had to clean up his blood from the bathroom floor.

3. You could go to school naked and you wouldn't get in trouble.

4. Why are we the Matadors? Bull fights are illegal

5. When you can't tell a senior from a freshman, you know you're at Monta Vista High School.
by blu_iz_mi_color August 31, 2006
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a special place where there are plenty of chiggers and wiggers but no plain niggers.
i went to watch a basketball game at monta vista and the whole team was asian instead of black.
by montavistan January 29, 2005
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The literal meaning of Monta Vista is a school in california. But in slang it may be used as an insult similar to "asian" which means uptight and obsessive over grades. Monta Vista can also mean an extremely competitive school.
Dude ur so monta vista
by Jack Tang April 14, 2005
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A place where whites are a minority.

A place where 75% of students go to a school in the University of California system.

A place in which there is so little to do outside of school, students resort to drugs, alcohol, and sex for entertainment, to drown away their sad lives.

A place where the worst of students are white, the mediocre students are Asian or Indian, and the best of students are not defined by skin color, but by brilliance.

A place where the worst students (dumb white people) are intimidated by Asians and Indians, not because of race or percent of population, but simply because the dumb white students are too stupid to take their example and actually do their homework and try in class.

A place where smart white students are rare, but when they do occur they are at the top.

A place where housing is REALLY expensive, but the second you cross the borders of the school district, prices drop by at least 20%.

A place where people fight for curves, cheat, sabotage tests, and even try to steal test keys, just to get a better grade.

A place where most students have artificial goals in life, given to them by their parents, to be “biologists” or “doctors” or other hot job market careers like that.

A place where rich parents of 16 year olds buy them a Mercedes for their birthday.

A place where students are so sheltered from real life that they fail college miserably, and not necessarily in the academic sense.

A place where I, as one of the rare white students with good grades, am very glad to be leaving for college.
As a noun:
"When you visit Monta Vista, look at all the spoiled, ingorant kids and thank god you're not one of them"

As an adjective:
"This place is so Monta Vista. I mean, who would throw a chair through the window, triggering the alarm and calling the cops, just to steal the copy of the final exam two days before its given?"
by ceiling kitten May 21, 2006
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1. (proper noun) Crazy shack with too many Asians and too many crap teachers.

2. (noun) A depressing and boring place

3. (verb) To make boring/ annoying for others in a specifically tortuous way.
1. Jeff: Damn that Monta Vista High School for it's asians

Craig: Yea man wtf

2. Martha: I went to a slaughterhouse the other day, it was a total Monta Vista

Tracy: I know right?

3. Steve: Hey man I got popcorn, imma pour the maple syrup on it

Adam: Dammit that Steve went and monta vista'd our popcorn.
by LolZebra February 23, 2011
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