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Someone who spends too much time infront of computer and get a tan off the monitor instead of the sun
Fuck that cunt needs to get out ... look at his monitor tan
by Michael1 May 23, 2005
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Someone who is very pale because during the summer months, they spend all of their time inside, usually in front of a television or computer monitor instead of enjoying themselves in the sun like everyone else. Everyone else darkens out in the sun, while said insider will stay pale because their only form of light is from a screen.
I cant believe Mike won't come to the beach with us! He said he'd rather stay at home and work on his monitor tan. What a loser.
by TangClock August 18, 2009
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Someone who spends their life infront on their PC Monitor instead of getting out in the sun.

Implying they get a tan from the Monitor

AKA Matthew Jackson
1. Has Matt left his house atall this month?

2. No hes on CSS topping up his monitor tan
by DanwillLOL May 10, 2010
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