so 'e put 'is wanger in me money box 'n didn't even pay me tupence."
by J E. Walker May 09, 2003
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Money saved or stored by a non-traditional method (inside of a Shoe Box) without F.D.I.C. protection, enabling easy fee-free banking from a secure private location, usually ones residence.
Penelope was perplexed at her friends concern over ATM fees or government oversight because her Shoe Box Money was self managed.
by EastWordz February 15, 2015
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A box at a party, event or gathering; were the guests put money in if they would like to do so, as a gift.
Hey, theres going to be a money box at my party if you want to put some money in it.
by Ozzie Martinez May 23, 2018
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When your cock isn't up to it and it resembles a slug but you try to stuff it in anyway and the receiving hole is tight. Like the opening coin slot on a money box.
"Hey Colin did you get laid last night?"
"Yeah bruv, me cock wasn't interested though so it was like sticking a slug in a money box"
by Bixadon December 15, 2017
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