A person who analyzes the mistakes they made they day after they've made them. Derived from complaining over quarterbacks on monday morning after the sunday game.
Frank's complaining about what he should've done on his date last night like a Monday Morning Quarterback.
by OverAllComa January 13, 2005
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Used to describe monday morning's on the toilet when your poop is only quarter-way out of your butt and doesn't want to come out just yet...thus making it a long process to finish
"why were you late for work today?"
"i had a monday morning quarterback"
"oh i see, carry on"
by mmqer January 17, 2019
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A person, usually another’s arrogant boss or supervisor with lackadaisical work ethic. This turd will leave early the previous week because he can. On Monday Morning, they are ready to work more than ever, but just for a few hours, they start criticizing what took place after they left early, then start barking orders for the upcoming week. This person is usually a clown and not taken seriously by people who actually work and is not important enough to report others because he is afraid his lackadaisical work ethic will get him in trouble.
Ahh Monday, cant wait to hear what sergeant doosh has to say about the emergency repair we had to take on Friday. I bet he says it was too costly then disappears for the week. He is such a Monday Morning Quarterback
by Adiggy December 22, 2020
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