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Monday morning syndrome, also referred to as MMS, is a severe medical condition in which one has bad events occurring one after another. It is suspected that the root cause of MMS is the first day of the week (Monday). There are speculations on how to cure one's MMS, however nothing is medically proven to be 100% effective. The first home remedy is to sleep though this day and bypass the root cause entirely; however is not recommended to those with full-time jobs. Few have gotten medical excuses from work for this, others simply extend their weekend and make Monday the new Sunday; thus creating a new problem on Tuesday.

Symptoms | Head aches, Sleeping through alarms, drowsiness, being late for work, bad traffic, clumsiness, short-tempered... etc.

Solution | Please consult a physician before trying any natural cures.
Employee: excuse me, Mrs. Power.
Boss: Yes bob ?
Employee: I cannot come into work this Monday, the doctor says I have a bad case of MMS, and I should take the week off.
Boss: MMS?
Employee: yeah, she says Monday morning syndrome is a very serious condition.
Boss: oh okay, you had better take the summer off
by Dr. CrustyPimple, MD April 14, 2013
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