The coolest damn band ever. And the coolest people ever. Tom and Tyler love them taxes.
Wow, monarch is such a kick-ass band.
Lets go do our taxes.
I just bought a huge bag of taxes.
Wanna do taxes in a joint or a bong?
by tyler January 31, 2005
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Monarch is an ajeeb type ka gadha who makes you trust them but in the end it's all a big big lie. He seems like a nice friend at first but eventually you understand that he fucked you up. He's a big boast and in reality is nothing but a scared idiot. He doesn't value the people who care for him but gives a lot of importance to people who won't even talk to him. BEWARE OF THESE DONKEYS.
That guy is donkey, he's such a Monarch
by Ex bestie :/ July 21, 2019
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