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Momity is what you call someone that fills the hole in your heart from not having a mother. She isn't a mom, she isn't a stepmom either, but really she's something much more special then that. It doesn't take knowing her well or talking to her often to know that she cares about you anyway. And, even though she's your momity, she makes you wish you could be there for her more then you have, because she is always there for you, and because she always manages to turn your frown upside down when youโ€™re having a bad day, no matter how bad of a day it is. If you have a momity, always remember that they're an irreplaceable individual, you can only ever have one momity, so you need to make the one you have count, always love your momity and never forget how much they do to make you smile... even when it's unintentional.
Ooo, is Angel your momity? wow! you're the luckiest boyo alive!
by Ippity Kun May 16, 2016
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