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An amazing band. See www.theoryoftomorrow.com
Theory of Tomorrow Rocks!
by fizzeh February 2, 2005
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The day before yesterday (two days ago).
Person 1: When did you go to that Bob Dylan show?
Person 2: Manubaday, it was great!
by fizzeh April 29, 2010
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One who takes Lunesta and smokes a bowl prior to going to bed, resulting in an excellent night sleep.
Moose: I can't fall asleep, what should I do?
Dylan: You should take a lunesta a smoke a bowl.
Moose: Good idea, I always like being a lunestoner
by fizzeh September 22, 2009
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Momitis (Mom-Itis) is a very common disease for mothers. It entails moms thinking that their children are the best in the world. It often involves over-complimenting. It can involve comparing the work of a child to a superstar. This can include comparing a child's music to a Grammy winning artist or writing to a Pulitzer prize author.
Mom: Steven, that song you wrote is as good as Hey Jude.

Steven: Um, no it isn't...you have a case of momitis.
by fizzeh December 20, 2008
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1. When someone sitting near you stares at your screen. Especially annoying when using Facebook, AIM, or sites that have 'sketchy' advertisements. This is similar to eavesdropping.
OMG, I was sitting in class the other day having an intense conversation on AIM, and the person next to me started screen-dropping...so annoying
by fizzeh October 21, 2008
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One who during two consecutive races takes a crap in the woods. This can be used as any part of speech.
When running, Pula Plulaed.
by fizzeh February 2, 2005
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To look up oneself on google. Basically, google + masturbate.
I googlebated yesterday and found some weird pictures of myself!
by fizzeh January 18, 2008
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