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Momitis (Mom-Itis) is a very common disease for mothers. It entails moms thinking that their children are the best in the world. It often involves over-complimenting. It can involve comparing the work of a child to a superstar. This can include comparing a child's music to a Grammy winning artist or writing to a Pulitzer prize author.
Mom: Steven, that song you wrote is as good as Hey Jude.

Steven: Um, no it isn' have a case of momitis.
by Sebbym December 19, 2008
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When your kids are too attached to you..
My 8 year old son won't stop following me.. He must have momitis wants mom's love.
by Mom- itis December 26, 2015
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Noun \'mam-i-tes\
1. A very common disease among mothers or those who are like minded. Symptoms include forgetfulness, insomnia; fear of teen drama, stretch marks, diaper explosions, and projectile vomiting.
2. Mom-like obsessions over unobtainable things, e.g., a clean house, alone time, obedient children, pre-baby body. Instead having to settle for PTA meetings, carpooling, school sports, and mini vans.
Mom (in a panicked voice): “Doctor, I’ve been so forgetful lately. I can’t sleep and I have so much to do that I can’t relax. What is wrong with me?”
Doctor: “It’ll be ok. It’s a very common disease. You have momitis.”
Mom: “Momitis? Can you cure it?”
Doctor: “No but studies show laughter helps.”
by Calvotribe November 09, 2015
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