a bald headed man with odd shaped lips and a lump on his neck with a face similar to that of a mole.
wow. check that man. he looks like a mole with a condom on his head, testicle on his neck, fish lips, my what a mole.
by georgiaqwertyuiop September 01, 2006
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Weed and Tobacco mixed together then packed up and smoked through a bong. If you like wasting weed and money then this is your shittt.
Jimmy "Hey man you wanna take a mole rip?"

Mikey "Nah man, I don't fuck with moles they are nasty and dirtbag."

Jimmy "Fuck off it's a new breed of pot smokers."

Mikey "Sounds pretty pretty pretty gay, I'll just stick to blunts you douche.
by molehatapifsmoka420 April 09, 2010
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A small creature covered in dark hair that prefers dark places.
The Mole is blind which prevents proper desicions to be made visually.
Damn Simon you've gotta be a mole to be blind enough to go there.
by PseudoPyjamo April 21, 2009
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the name gviven to any person of high rank in the world of cool people
Joel from south australia is a cool person therefor his mates call him mole
by moleage April 26, 2006
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Noun - short for MoleMan - A person who rarely comes out of their basement to do much of anything despite his number of friends and his pretty nice car. Moles usually stay in their basement and play on the computer or watch anime all the time. They are rarely seen to eat, and can be pretty fun if you can coax them out of their hole.
"Oscar Mike Golf! I saw mole eating the other day when I went to his hole. Sure it took him 20 minutes to answer the door, but hes so hott, hes worth it."
by canadia March 02, 2004
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A number that is not explained well by asian chemistry teachers.
One of the many jerks in chem class:"Mr. Koong, what the fuck is a mole."

Mr. such and such: β€œDat is not appropriate!”
by dudeyourmom September 22, 2005
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6.022 x 10 ^23. A unit in science used to calculate how many atoms are in a molecule, good because it is big enough to use, because atoms are so small
6.022x10 ^23 is the amount of moles in a neutral carbon.
by Ant B January 24, 2005
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