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a combination of the words "Moo" and "Oink." Used as a state of being, usually in a secretive or hinting way meant to express happiness. Usually said to someone before giving the "eyebrow lift."
"Moink Moink baby..."
by Jason aka P.I.M.P October 17, 2006
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In Ukraine, the moink is that corner of flesh above the nut sack, but just below the shaft of the penis. This area of the human anatomy rarely sees the light of day, mostly due, of course, to its intimate proximity to the shaft of the penis; gravity also plays a considerably influential role in the moink's inability to get a tan.
Dude, my moink itches.

Dude, do not listen to any of the other Urban Dictionary posts for the word, "Moink".
by Larry_Putana August 24, 2009
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1. Something crazy or amazing.
2. A retarded monkey.
2. Ahm a moinkey.
by wysiwyg February 07, 2004
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noun: sexual intercourse between moo and oink.
verb: to have a sexual intercourse (only if you have a moo and an oink)
see also sex(remember, impossible to have a moink without a moo and an oink)
oink moinked moo when moo was mooing.
by Oink February 12, 2004
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1. precious girl bits
2. interacting with said girl bits
3. a euphemism to replace swear words
4. a general term of endearment
1. Keep that away from my moink!
2. I want to moink you like an animal
3. Well that's a moink!
4. How's it going, moinkers!
by Cri_chav August 27, 2007
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