Chara is a very charming and unique person, also a very good friend.
by lluquet July 11, 2020
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"Chara" also short for character usually associated with anime or manga. It is merely an abbreviation.
Chibi "Chara" as in the sailor Rini character.
by [WBC]Inu Yasha(*WB*) February 19, 2005
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closely related to kissemack, and charmoot, chara is a derogartory word used in the arabic language, pretty much the dirtiest language in the world.
"yoo chara kissemack airefeek!!!"
"stfu faggot"
by MattZed February 16, 2005
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Chara is the first fallen human and the adoptive sibling of Asriel Dreemurr. They are gender-neutral (NOT A GIRL) and wear a green shirt with a yellow stripe. They died when Asriel refused to kill any humans to retrieve 7 souls to free all monsterkind. They are known for their famous quote: "When since were you the one in control?" and their blank, creepy smile.

Asriel: "The truth is... Maybe Chara wasn't the greatest person.
by BigPokemon February 22, 2021
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A beautiful mix girl with lovely hair is extremely caring and sweet and puts others first not knowing that she is unhappy her self but she loves everyone and everything but all ways forgive and gives second chances
by Rittany poke November 24, 2018
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Hand-rolled solid hashish from the Himalayan foothills, esp. Charas in India. Very dark, almost black in colour with a high THC content and distinctive taste and aroma, it is a far superior smoke to the more popular hybrid Skunk varieties. Expensive and hard to come by compared to said skunk.
Known as 'the breath of Buddha'.
'Charas, my friend. Trust me, you'll never go back..'
by Upinsmoke March 14, 2005
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