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adj: 1. having severe homoerotic nature.
interjection: 2. used to proclaim paramount gayness of a situation. 3. Used by one having extreme gayness to express homoerotic pleasure.

1. "Hey so, like I know this really cool italian place down the street...So you know, you want to go get a bite to eat with me?"
"No man, thats pretty mmmgay!
2. "Whoa! Dude when you grabbed for those peanuts on my lap you just touched my dick, MMMGAY!"
3. "Hey that cock in my mouth tasted fabulous! mmmgay...."

by Anonymous May 04, 2003
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Expression used to say how "gay" something is but masked with a "mmm" at the begining so it isnt to obvious.

Used mostly in classroom. Yet now many know what it is and how now lost its effect
Teacher: "tonights homeworks is..."
Student: "mmmgay?"
Teacher: "What did you say?"
Student: "Nothing."
everyone laughes at teachers stupidity.
by Matt April 05, 2004
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