(made me chuckle) half the time when people say lol, it's either not funny or just a little funny in which makes you end up chuckling.
That joke the new guy said was corny mmc.
by A black dude in Hawaii July 12, 2011
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Mean Maurya Chadarmod
A word used by many Indian Schoolers to haress their Maurya Friends and gives them the best feeling ever by doing that.
Zurc : Who is that guy over there?
Suar: Oh! don't you know that's MMC~
by Swimpe September 29, 2021
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Modern Marketing & Commerce - A great place to work that is full of amazing world class people that know how to put the customer at the center of the business.
MMC builds sustainable, high-value relationships between people and businesses.
by Meandering Mollusk July 26, 2019
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An acronym (Mutual Manual Coitus) that refers to the act of two people (m/f, f/f, m/m, etc.) simultaneously masturbating each other.
You down for some MMC tonight?
by SouthernGrip69 May 23, 2010
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