A motorcycle beyond reproach. Often compared to Hondas, Suzukis and Yamahas, when it is obvious all the while that green machines are a class above.
"I was cranked over, scraping everything, and that Kawasaki went around my outside like i was standing still..." - Disgruntled owner of a lesser sportsbike.
by omen_child February 16, 2005
A supreme make of motorcycles in which any other make does not compare
did that kawasaki get the holeshot again??
by brendankx May 13, 2005
The maker of the worlds most affordable and superior sport touring bike, the Kawasaki Concours ZG-1000. With 200,000 miles on the clock and over 130 mph top speed (for a bike that weights over 700 pounds) the bike can still whoop up on its little suzuki,honda, and yamaha counterparts, and make a harley rider go home and cry to mama...

if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch
Kawasaki Concours Killer Superior Bike ;)
by the one and only mikeym April 23, 2006
Mexican slang; synonym for "caguama", an extra large, bottle-served beer.
Órale pues wey, saca ya las kawasakis pa prendernos.
by perrako May 7, 2017
A motorcycle brand famous for the Ninja H2 And H2R and other sport bikes dirt bikes and cruisers.
Baxter: that's a sick looking kawasaki ZX-10R

Tim: Yeah I want one of those
by William M Buttlicker April 24, 2018
Do you know what "kawasaki" means in Japanese?
by naticus0101 November 28, 2008
A shitty company that have to merge with numerous other companies to save it's ass, it's motorcycle department merged with Suzuki and it's heavy industry (aerospace/ship building) are merged with IHI.
kawasaki is shitty, even more shittier than mitsubishi. Jap crap suck period.
by BigBalls March 9, 2005