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The most perfect girl ever, also known as the girl who doesn't know she is beautiful.
Mitchie is so beautiful, it's a shame she doesn't see it.
by GirlfriendNumberOne November 10, 2013
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N. A dumb fuck
A person who does something stupid, a pendejo, originated from Camp Rock 2 where Mitchie is a dumb fuck for challenging the other camp to a camp battle
“Kevin Hogan from the Browns just threw an interception to lose the entire game”
“What a Mitchie”
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by incestfamily169 December 17, 2017
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a mitchie is a sexy ass boy he loves helping out with people that are depressed there always taken because everyone is so crazy of mitchies to be their boyfriend and they always depressed
girl 1: who is that sexy ass
girl 2:: that's Mitchie I heard hes new to our school he's gonna be with me

Mitchie:: uh I can hear you, you know
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by shelby loves mitchiey pai November 07, 2018
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