A creature existing purely in the world of fantasy. At fist glance its fluffy white fur, large eyes, and ability to grant wishes seem top attract people to this creature. However, be warned it is notorious for getting other creatures smoked because of its own shortcomings, failing miserably at feats of strength, and urinating at inappropriate times and in front of important individuals, who tell it to remain "classy."
That minnix just scurried by me and started doing air squats.
by bilbo _teabaggins August 18, 2010
A tall, lanky and pale teenager
That dumb fool is almost as tall as minnix
by John Nevins February 5, 2008
A creature referenced in numerous obscure works by a variety of fantasy authors. The minnix is described as being blatantly homosexual, a notorious lazy scurve, a blue falcon, and lacking any useful skills other than the ability to do numerous air squats. The minnix is reported to inhabit subtropical regions of North America such as Florida.
Frodo's journey to Mt. Doom was impeded by a particularly troublesome minnix, who although male, dressed as a female and scurved out of any work that he came across.
by Dirk_Diggler69 August 20, 2010