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Tiny titties, just big enough to fit in your hand or mouth.
Bob: I hate mini muffins, give me huge tits any day
Mike: more then an mouthful is wasteful
by Miklay March 07, 2004
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An attractive young male who will grow up to be very fine indeed. Also could apply to females. Mini muffins are ALWAYS too young to date.
Damn Steve, check out that Mini Muffin over there!

Yeah mate, give him a few years and he'll be ripe for the picking.
by Jeremyness February 07, 2007
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Its what happens when you leave your muffins in the oven with out watching them. Especially blueberry muffins, which breed like crazy. Mini muffins after born, are sold by the bag at super markets and local chain grocery stores.
Most muffins get eaten before they have their babies. However the muffins that have their babies, the babies are then called β€œMini Muffins."

Dude!, have a mini muffin!
by Cajunbaby August 31, 2004
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