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Little annoying twats who think their such bad ass rockers because they listen to crap like good charlotte, simple plan or even *shudders* Mcfly. Then they start ruining the reputaions of good bands cuz they think if they listen to good bands (maybe what their older bothers or sisters listen to) they think they'll be cool. They go round thinking no one understands them and they think they're so deppressed that they think they are goths (simple plan - welcome to my life may be one of the songs that they think relates to them *ooo so goth* , and the lyrics are so easy for them to understand lol ) . They act like 17 year olds and dress like it too. Basicly they're stupid little wannabes who laugh at chavs cuz they are 'all the same' but soon they will be chavs themselves cuz its all really a trend that they'll grow out of ... hopefully.
look theres a mini mosher... KILL IT!!
by emomaria June 07, 2005
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a mini mosher is a ten to thirteen year old youth, who belives that they are being special/different by dressing the same as shitty bands like good charloote and evanecence, they only like mainstreem faker pop wanna b rock music, that they buy from tesco. they are not the future of rock and i hate them all,
terms mini moshers use
*do u like my key chain, i think it makes me look so different/hard,
*letz mosh 2 evanecence they rock, dont mess my hair up thow,, ma mummy dun it
*fuckin diiiiirty townies every where (dissapointing fact but true, in 6 months time you WILL b cum 1)
by benton February 29, 2004
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Usually minimoshers are below the height of 5ft and wear hoodies that go past their knees. These hoodies are usually Slipknot, Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park. Usually seen walking around with their parents, this could be safety precautions seeming as the minimosher may trip over their baggy jeans that are also too big. Nothing much varies outside this stereotype, though some like to skateboard and others look like Fred Durst clones.
'Awww how cute, a minimosher with SATAN written on his forehead.'
'Look down.'
by Chazzle January 18, 2004
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small children that think their kool so copie older rockers. can be identified by their baggy jeans (if a girl: may be bought from tammy) and big black hoody's with the name of their favourite band stamped across it. also may carry around a mini skate board, (or normal size, if they have nice mummys n daddys) that they can't use let alone stand on.
look at that minimosher, he could fit in my hand.
by clairey_fairy February 19, 2004
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Little people who try to be rockers etc by dressing in clothes they got thier mummy to buy. However, they are sometimes so cute you want to yake them home and put them on display.
Look! Mini mosher listening to slipknot! Lets add him to our collection...
by Christopher Duffill November 15, 2007
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11-14 year old kid who seems to think that they are different sumhow by dressin in black band hoody thats about 10 sizes to big for them(slipknot,marylin manson etc),humerosly baggy jeans, or anova favourite,cut offs or board shorts displayin stripy soxs underneath-coz its cool.also,must have shoes r vans,possibly DC's u dont have em,ur sooo not different.the accesory must haves are keychains,bout 145 shagbands up each arm,spike bracelet and beads round neck.natural habitat is usually the mall or McDonalds in large groups runnin round makin as much noise as possible,trin to look like they dont give a shit when really,they jus look like dicks.they also love givin hugs to just about EVERYONE,even ppl they dont kno
#1'hey you wana go crash the mall?'
#2'hey sure dude,but only afat we go to McDonalds to get a happy meal so i can get a free toy to play with and give a name to'
#1'cool dude....hey,have i givin you a free hug today?...'
by xXxspockxXx April 23, 2005
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