To walk up to someone and slowly stroke their leg.
I walked up to john and yaked his leg.
by Kfjushahwbdbc September 18, 2017
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It's a term used to express excitement or any other happy kind of emotion.
Yakes! I got a car for my birthday.
I received a rose yesterday. Yakes!
Going for massage is the best. Yakes!
by Latin Asian Connection February 15, 2009
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AKA "Mr. Ocean"... someone who is part fish, part aborigine, and part flaming homosexual.
"Did you see that Yake over there!? That dude was nol!"
by Tom Dawg August 31, 2006
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1: equivalent in use to the word bastard
2: anglicised version of the Ruenian word "Javik" (pronounced: yaw-ache), which is used in the same manner as yake.
1: You absolute yake!
2: To javiker!
by Vykrij November 15, 2018
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