A whiny, wimpy individual. From the British terms whinge and minge. Pronounced win-jee min-jee.
Craig Bellamy is such a whingy mingey, every time he's fouled, he cries to the officials like a little girl.
by Stag Thunder May 23, 2013
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A gross hariy Vaj. Vaj is an abbreviation of the word vagina and Mingey means smelly, nasty, unattractive etc.
Urrgh yuck! Look at that mingey vaj!
That filthy whore had the mingiest vaj Ive ever seen.
by Honest John November 01, 2004
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An overly hairy and smelly, undesirable vagina
That chick had such a mingey flange, the amount of hair and the smell of it nearly made me retch...
by The Prong February 11, 2008
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An exclamation to be used to indicate approval of a cocktail tasted for the first time.
Mingey shit! This El Nino is better than space docking
by danaldosinhale July 11, 2008
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