A Hairy Smelly evil monster , ready waiting iin the depths to eat your snake
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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The feeling of needing to masturbate.
Equivalent to the feeling of appetite, or having to use the restroom.

Jim: Did you see that girl tits?

Mike: Yeah, I suddenly got the minges. I'm gonna go blow one out real quick.
by BboyJAM October 26, 2010
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is it just me or has anyone else noticed that a hairy minge looks just like your baccy when you drop it whilst making a fag? Yes, you to could have a big hairy baccy pouch and not even know it!
by mikerach June 21, 2006
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The hair on someone's head which resembles a scub pad, or a mass of pubic hair (muff).
Girl1: "Ew, look at that gross gangley guy's hair; it looks like bleached stale minge!"
Girl2: "MINGE!!!"

Ryan Ringer: stunned, quivvering look; slinks away like the creepy bastard he is
by all fo\' yoo July 17, 2003
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Used by myself and friends, as a replacement for any words forgotten by us, but are essencial in the sentance. Starting of as the definition of human hair extension, or 'minge extensions' this word has blossomed into every sentance use, and annoyance. Recently, the phrase 'minge' has been used as an insult, as in 'OMG you mingehole!'
1) Compliment:
"Such a pubilicious mingehead!"
"is my body too mingilicious for you babe?"

2) Insult:
"Right, you know what?! I'm gonna shave your minge in a minute and then you won't look fit!"
"Get your minge away from my face!!"

3) Everyday use:
"OMG you'll never guess who I minged last night!"
"Have you seen that girl's minge yet?! It's well fit, might have mine groomed like that!"
by LauraMINGE :) May 06, 2008
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