Being from ledbury and having a minge like Coleman's mustard
I thought I'd become a taxi driver bit then got assaulted and now I can only smell mustard, at least I haven't got covid, god bless mustard minge
by Jammy66 August 17, 2021
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Smelly odour from a girls poontang after a hard day at the office
Female version of chefs arse
Coworker asks what’s that smell? Probably my office minge, it’s been a long day
by Paula Droopy tits July 09, 2021
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Pardon me sir, your male minge is protruding from your bathing suit.
by Sleeping Trees February 20, 2014
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1. Tinge tinj verb

tinged, tinge·ing or ting·ing,

- to impart a trace or slight degree of some color to; tint.

- a slight degree of coloration.

2. Minge minj
- The minge is not the actual vagina, but the hair surrounding the area. The Pubic hair...

3. Tinged Minge tinjed minj

- slightly tinted pubic hair
strawberry tinged minge..... blond pubic hair with a tint/tinge of red/strawberry.
by Pants down April 30, 2012
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