The text response to a mate who is completely spangled and sends you a nonsensical text message. It tells them that they are talking complete bollocks so rational replies aren't required
Hey, I was thinking on Saturday, No Friday what am I talking that we could nnnnnnnnsjdfjdfjdsdj

Ming Ming Nah Nah
by Olsburger September 07, 2016
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A Asian male that is blessed with a rather large package that puts most other males to shame.
by Chief wiggum May 01, 2016
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An oral news service where someone publicizes the shitty details and news of all of his friends to all of his other friends.
Person 1: "Did you hear that Sam's girlfriend dumped him?"
Person 2: "I got the ming-serve. Of course I heard it."
by karpis March 01, 2014
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A minger thats been around the block and is bound to have picked up a few things on her travels
"no way man that bird will give ya ming sting"

"that chick is ming sting for sure"
by Ronhole February 11, 2009
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the best apex halo infinite player that can whoop your ass
james is shit
ming sze is the best and no one can come close
by mamagobyebye November 21, 2021
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Opposite of peng ting, a minger also known as a Ming Ting
Jess: ew look that girl

Renita: omg that’s Jordan she’s a proper Ming Ting
by xxxxxoooo November 17, 2017
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The antagonist to the musketeers. This pathetic specimen of a human often tries to compete with the musketeers by placing shiny things on the ground in a vain attempt to blow up all the Musketeers.
Despite seeming success with women on paper they later prove to be fat.
Person 1: I really like the Musketeers, they're cool guys.
Person 2: I'm a Ming Warrior
Person 1: Piss off
by 4Musketeers January 13, 2011
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