(1) Epiphanous (or ridiculous) concept.

(2) Extremely well-crafted guitar.
(1) Farenheit 9/11 was a real mindbender!
(or) Dean's latest speech was a real mindbender, even for him!

(2) "My mama was an Epiphone, my daddy was a Fender. That's why they call me....
by Milo Mindbender May 17, 2005
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The band stepped out back for a mindbender before the show.
He took out all the stems and seeds to roll a nice mindbender.
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
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A blowjob o person who gives blowjobs so good that it blows their mind as well as their penis.
"Stacy just gave me a mindbender in the break room"
"She's a total freaking mindbender dude"
by AntiCommunistAction April 9, 2021
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