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(1) Epiphanous (or ridiculous) concept.

(2) Extremely well-crafted guitar.
(1) Farenheit 9/11 was a real mindbender!
(or) Dean's latest speech was a real mindbender, even for him!

(2) "My mama was an Epiphone, my daddy was a Fender. That's why they call me....
by Milo Mindbender May 16, 2005
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The band stepped out back for a mindbender before the show.
He took out all the stems and seeds to roll a nice mindbender.
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
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A period of time in which one's mind gets little or no rest. Preoccupation with thoughts for an unhealthy amount of time. Thoughts may become increasingly erratic and manic. Usually accompanied by sleeplessness. Generally brought on by some form of stress. Not associated with drug or alcohol use.
"Ive been on a mind bender latley. I need to reminded myself not to sweat the small stuff."

"I went on a three day mind bender after I lost my job. I just didnt know what to do with my life."

by D. Nomad April 18, 2008
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