3 definitions by AntiCommunistAction

The action of inserting one's erect penis in to the anus of their partner
"Yeah man, I totally planted the fig tree in her last night"
"If I'm lucky I'll be planting the fig tree tonight"
by AntiCommunistAction April 9, 2021
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A blowjob o person who gives blowjobs so good that it blows their mind as well as their penis.
"Stacy just gave me a mindbender in the break room"
"She's a total freaking mindbender dude"
by AntiCommunistAction April 9, 2021
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When an internet celebrity dies but nobody can confirm if they really died or not.
"Hey did you hear iFunny's DeepWebIntel died?"

"I don't know he's faked shit in the past for popularuty"

"Geeze I guess we got a Schrodinger's DWI here..."
by AntiCommunistAction September 7, 2020
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