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Mind Your Own Business
In Other Words:
Leave me the fuck alone, this situation has nothing to do with your ass.
"Mind Your Own Business."
by th3v1rg1ng1rl September 3, 2021
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A fuck boy is the male term for a "hoe", a man who will use you for your looks and body, tempts you into sex, and will break your heart within the first week of the relationship. Fuck boys are all about sex, since it sets their reputation to the people around them, some people find it hot, some people find it wildly disgusting. Fuck boys often dress like emo boys, and if they're not dressed like that, they'll be dressed as a skate boarder boy.
"Look at Adam, he's a gigantic fuck boy, he had played 5 girls within 2 weeks"
by th3v1rg1ng1rl September 3, 2021
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