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n. Large, voluptuous, well formed breasts, with pronounced nipples. D-cup breasts. Breasts resembling the front (explosive) end of a large bomb, in shape.
Katie, you'll never be able to squeeze those milk bombs into such a small sweater.
by parisofpriam February 03, 2006
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A horrible surprise. In order to concoct, you need a metal thermos, and a car. Place dairy products inside the thermos. Milk, cottage cheese, heavy cream, shredded cheese. Anything that goes bad with haste. Seal the thermos and place it in the back window of your car. A good thermos is airtight. Allow it to sit all through the summer, even multiple summers if you're patient. When the time is right, open it and unleash the vile stench onto the world, be it throwing it ON somebody, or into some jackass's convertible in a hot parking lot.
by JustThatOneRandomDude July 08, 2011
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When you fart into the milk container the night before, giving whoever opens the milk for breakfast in the morning a faceful of fermented noxious fumes.
I left sally a milkbomb last night because i knew that she had to get up before everyone else to get to work
by sdelgood February 26, 2009
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