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mileven depression: caused by the love of mike wheeler & eleven hopper, leaves you feeling halfway happy halfway sad, symptoms include heartaches, migraines, uncontrollable crying, seizures, fast heartbeat, trouble breathing, losing sleep. recovery time takes about 353 days, many never recover though
after finishing stranger things s2, i suffered from terrible mileven depression.
by finnlovesmillie353 February 02, 2018
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Mileven depression is when you watch stranger things season two and watch he mileven kiss and feel sad. Symptoms include Finn Wolfhard obsession, jealousy of Millie Bobby Brown, headaches, nausea, and death.
After watching season two of ST, I got mileven depression.
by Finn is the best May 12, 2018
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caused by the love of eleven and mike wheeler. will make you emotionally unstable and your heart will be warm. you love mike wheeler and eleven.
"i think i have mileven depression"
by janehoppermikewheeler May 06, 2018
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