Actor in stranger things who plays Mike and is the sweetest person ever. Incredibly talented. Meme king. Deserves to be loved by everyone.
by Claudia Burrin March 3, 2017
Finn Wolfhard is the worlds most amazing child actor :)
Omygod you are such a Finn Wolfhard!
by Sambobbybrown March 2, 2017
An actor in stranger things that plays Mike. The sweetest person ever. Incredibly talented and nice to everyone around him. A 14 year old meme king. Deserves to be loved by everyone
by Claudia Burrin March 3, 2017
A 14 year old child actor who played Mike in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Many fans call him a meme-lord.
Hey, did you hear Finn Wolfhard guest-starred on a few episodes of Game Grumps?
by DarkyDarcy March 5, 2017
The greatest actor known to man kind! THE meme lord! His birthday is on December 23 and is almost 16. He’s a blessing that deserves the whole universe ;D
Finn Wolfhard is the greatest meme lord known to man kind
by Eggo’s :D December 18, 2017
Finn Wolfhard is the most amazing, brilliant and outstanding actor ever! At such a young age he has succeeded in fame, by starring in the famous show: Stranger Things.

Finn is also VERY attractive and it's almost every fan girls dream to meet him. He is 14 years old currently, and is often shipped with Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven from ST.

Second definition is: Meme Lorde
Finn Wolfhard is amazing have you met him?

Fangirl: OML I wish Finn is my husband he slays my life he is the hottest meme lord ever!
by A girl superb April 11, 2017
Finn Wolfhard is a phenomenal child actor who stars in the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, as well as the 2017 movie IT. He is such a funny, adorable, and smart person. Finn is amazing.
Finn Wolfhard is such an amazing person.
by nostalgia nikki October 14, 2017