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Mileven is the ship (relationship) name of the characters Mike and Eleven from the Netflix series, Stranger Things. The term is used on many fan accounts via Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
"I love Stranger Things! Mike and Eleven are so cute together, I totally ship Mileven"
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by padffoott November 01, 2016
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The purest ship on TV that gives you various emotions such as happiness and depression.
st fan: mileven and mike are so cute together!!
other st fan: I ship mileven so hard!!
by spideymileven December 20, 2017
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the pairing for mike wheeler and eleven; its a cute but annoyingly overrated ship from the netflix show stranger things.
person1: omg mileven is soooo endgame!
person2: psshh. its overrated. byler all the way
by discoramen June 12, 2018
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