another form of public transport commonly used in the city of sydney.
ryan: dude, we just missed the 12:07 bus! were totally fucked for our physio appointment.
dale: chill out man, we'll just take the next fun run that comes along.
ryan: look, here it comes now.
by cannas™ August 8, 2008
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A random running sessions that begin when someone yells "fun run!" At which point, everybody takes off their clothes and starts running in no particular direction until yelled at by someone who isn't participating in the fun run.
"Hey Norsoph, let's start a fun run."
"Fun run!"
"Hey, are those guys in a fun run?"
"Look at me, I'm in a fun run!"
"A guy walks into a bar and...FUN RUN!!!"
by Party Boy May 31, 2004
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when your stomach is bubblin and yo booty is drippin.
i ate those ribs now i have shitty run fun
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Thats when your stomach is bubblin and and yo booty is drippy,sticky,gooie.

To take a shot of chum straight to tha ass

Made up by the Late Great
Mac muthafuckin Dre! Thizz In Peace
"Tell that girl wassup with shityrunfun!"
by Mike from D-Town March 22, 2005
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The Office (U.S.) S4:E1 "Fun Run"
what Michael Scott created for his coworker, Meredith Palmer, to find a cure for rabies, even though it is already cured and the Fun Run didn't raise any money (besides the money Jan donated--with Michael's money--to a nurse stripper)
Michael Scott drank less water and more fettuccine alfredo during the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure.
by anna is a bananya May 5, 2019
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A unique term used when a woman has had a powerful orgasm but can't stop her body from continuing the orgasm over a long period of time. It is usually caused by the brain or body not being able to process the information of the orgasm and continuing the sensation until the body can either manually stopped by medicinal drugs or by the body processing the orgasm and stopping the the sensation. The term is derived from the distance from a home to a local hospital.
C: Jack!
J: Yeah Cate?
C: something s wrong!
J: what?
C: I don't know.
C: take me to the ER!!!
J: okay.
J: Siri. Nearest hospital.
S: one is 3.4 miles away.
J: shit! my cars in the shop.
C: jack. Run. Now.
J: it's about to be a 3.4 mile fun run
by Dr. Francisco baker December 31, 2017
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