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A rare and beautiful girl. She's shy at first but the more you get to know her you will find that shes an amazing person with a good heart. Mikalah is known for her love in children and music. She prefers to stay in the house for the day and simply relax. She also very lowkey. Civilized during the day but a freak in the night. Mikalah will have your world turned upside down!! Dont get me wrong, Mikalah isn't one that you would want to mess with. If taunted enough Mikalah will have a whole new personality. Before you could even blink you'll be bleeding on the floor. So dont take her kindness for weakness....ever!!!!
Boy #1: "did you see Mikalah today? She sure did look good"

Boy #2: "yeah did you hear about that girl she beat up? Gave her a concussion"

Boy #3: "Wow! I want me a Mikalah"
by She bad224 June 10, 2016
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Term for a girl who usually dye's her hair 20x a month

Mikalah's are usually beautiful on the outside, but a witch on the inside.
"Omg did you see that Mikalah last night? her hair was bright red!"
"Yeah, did you see that she dyed her hair again today? Her hair is blue now!"
by Okiamu December 20, 2013
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