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Awesome European person.

Sexy, charming, super intelligent but also very funny.
Mihail is here yet? We are not complete without him!
by wrekingbones March 09, 2016
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Sexy Macedonian. Very Smart, dorky dancer, and foolish drunk. Loves Kobe Bryant, Julia Roberts, Megan,and One Tree Hill(secretly). Doesn't know how to use "That's what she said."
I loveeeee my Mihail!
by Megasaurussss April 14, 2008
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The most bitch-ass human being to ever walk the planet. When you first see him, you'll be blinded by his beauty & ignore every wrongdoing he will ever commit. You would do anything for him. Until the day you find out he has the International Title for Biggest Thot of the World. He is a Manipulative, Cheating, Selfish person that will take what he wants from you and then ignore you for days on end. He only likes people when convenient. Additional facts: Known to flock to Underage Girls, only fucks if Steven Universe is playing in the background, doesn't show up to funerals even with months advance notice.
you: Wow, I love Mihail he's such a nice person, he looks like an angel and genuinely cares for my wellbeing.

you, after seeing the light: Mihail is the worst person I've ever met, he never wanted anything but sex.
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by unw7644@edu.heroooo October 19, 2017
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