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"Miga" is used often as an affectionate term, derived from the word "amiga"(= friend) in Portuguese (it could also be used falsely, when a person does not consider the other one an actual friend). It's source could be traced to LGBT social circles, but it has very rapidly evolved into an everyday use by a larger number of general Brazilian internet users.
"Miga, sua loca!" (could be translated to something like "Grrl, you crazy!".) (very common among Brazilian internet users as a 'meme'.)
"Miga, vamo balada hoje?"
"Migaaaaa, tu ta linda, ahazô!"
by nymphsigh July 23, 2016
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Big but small; a small thing with large parts not unlike a characature. Like biggy small sound is synonymous with how Steve Booras looks.
My 5 foot tall buddy with watermelon size muscles is miga ripped!!
by Dunmoreism August 25, 2016
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