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a very very high pitched song
'wow, lovin you hurts the ears'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
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An American Idol contestant who failed miserably, but became an instant hit particularly in the US, showing how stupid most americans really are, showing that they cant think for themselves.
<american loser> man im gonna buy William Hungs CD
<non-american> man, you are really stupid
by whitetiger16 May 9, 2004
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pages with phrases with backgrounds and soundfiles

Relies on donations from users to keep it running

same as EX. www.ohnoes.org www.thepowerisyours.org

You can create your own page if you have a phrase, background, and soundfile.
<guy> hah, ytmnd's rock
<another guy> theyre pretty stupid if you ask me...
by whitetiger16 May 9, 2004
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maaann, wicked flash vids on abs.
yah, i know.
by whitetiger16 May 14, 2004
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Combined DNA Index System.
"I got the prints back from the serial victim"

"good, run them through CODIS"
by whitetiger16 November 28, 2004
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'Hey, what song are you playing??'
'midnite blaze'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
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1>Yonger Teens proclaim it to be:Someone who has never kissed anyone.

Older Teens proclaim it to be:Some one who hasnt had sex.


"ur so not green"
"im green in my world"

"man, i wish i could buy that shirt.. but im outta green"
by whitetiger16 April 4, 2004
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