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Pacific Islanders from the Micronesian region (FSM, Palau, Marshall Islands, Marianas) who are hardworking, generous, helpful and will willingly agree to assist their fellow micronesian, even when it comes to fighting, BUT will only resort to violence if they feel threatened or discriminated against. Although Micronesians work hard, they also enjoy living a laid back, "go with the flow" kind of lifestyle. Because of that, it might be the reason why Micronesians are also one of the most misunderstood race, especially the Micronesians residing in Hawaii and in Guam, where they are sometimes labelled as "gangster wannabes" , "beggars", or "thieves".
Man 1: Dude, what do you got against us Micronesians?
Man 2: You guys are lazy, most of you guys are usually drunk, and you guys are stealing money out of our pockets...
Man 1: Have you been to anywhere in Micronesia before?
Man 2: No..
Man 1: Then why so judgmental?
Man 2: Because of all the negative news about you people...
Man 1: So you judging us because of a few bad eggs? Ok, you know what? If you can prove to me that your race has no alcoholics, no beggars, no drug addicts, and no criminals, I will agrre with you that the Micronesians are bad people and that we should be ashamed of who we are...
Man 2: ...
by MicroBoii691 October 20, 2012
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