An empathic metamorph is a creature perceived to be the "perfect mate" by changing its persona and behavior to meet another being's emotional requirements and sexual desires. It achieves this using a subtle form of telepathy which is more akin to empathy.
The metamorph turned out to be just what she was looking for and she quickly fell in love.
by TheXception July 31, 2015
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It's kinda like " metaphorically " but wayyyyyyy better...
Christine : Glad to know you'd kill me

Matt : metamorphically speaking

it's kinda like metaphorically, but wayyyy better.

Christine: lol mhm
by Drunken Boxer November 20, 2009
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a person that tends to not fit in, so they try doing something that has already been done, only to be told their action has already been done

basically, they bite off other people
that guy made a movie about gay cowgirls
what a Metamorph Moses
by what??123975 April 3, 2007
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We are a newly brought up band from Rio Rancho, New Mexico that consist of four mid-high students with a dream to carry on the powerful sence of timelesness and expansiveness Linkin Park has given us. We have only written a few songs but are off to a good start of achieving our long time goal that we all share to make epic songs of great listening vibes.
"So, uh, you were telling me you started up a band right?"
"You would be correct"
"Go on"
"We even have a website and all"
"Huh, no kidding"
"It's at;
by lemmix October 18, 2004
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literally just flaming metamorphic balls. what else do you want me to say. only people with extreme swagger have metamorphic balls, so jared in your math class with the creeper hoodie, most certainly does. it’s 2021, minecraft drip is the new supreme.
kevin: hey, what’s up with your pants? they’re sagging-
me: sorry man, i just have massive metamorphic balls, you wouldn’t know the struggle.
kevin: yeah your right sorry.
by shishki September 26, 2021
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Similar to a Metamorphic Rock, but with the male genitalia instead of the rock.
by MetamorphicCockMan March 22, 2020
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