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Basically to have gotten fucked up.

see: merc

It comes from the word "mercenary".
by kgst February 10, 2010
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In online gaming getting "merc'd" is to get defeated in the extreme by another player. The slang origin became adopted in online gaming taken from known player (TTK)Mercenaries; During the highlight era of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, for sometimes seemingly almost impossible kills and kill/death ratios. While being at some times "silly", for example bunny hopping or battling through a session with a weak pistol while still maintaining control of the map.

The only video released by (TTK)Mercenaries, showing a small handful of his random aliases.
Our whole team got merc'd in less than 30 seconds.
by EliteGaming January 26, 2015
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to kill a bowel or cigarette with excessive force, usually implying a refill or replacement is really needed.
"Why aren't you smoking the bowel, Joe?"
"Because dammit Laqunada, its merc'd!"
by foxsloth August 26, 2008
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