The average amount of time it takes to kill an opponent in a firefight.

Games with higher TTK are generally harder and require more skill as it gives the target the opportunity to return fire and/or take cover.
CoD has a low TTK to make the dumb masses feel elite whenever they get a multikill.
by beesod November 29, 2012
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I’m not starting trouble with them, because they’re ttk
by Loverboy23 December 27, 2019
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I’m not fighting with them, they’re ttk
by Loverboy23 December 27, 2019
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That man is seriously TTK of our country
The True King
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tickle the kitty
AKA playing with your vagina.
Oh man I'm horny, time to go TTK!

I need some TTK time.
by ispeakdatruth January 24, 2011
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A friendly G-rated gaming community site also known as ToonTask. Here, you can talk with your friends and discuss about ToonTown Online and heated discussion in the Debate Forum. Make new friends as well, share True Friend codes with each other, and become a well known member among the Staff. ToonTask plans certain events every once in while that anyone can participate in, if the members at least have the requirements.
"Oh boy, I think we're late for that TTK VP meeting at Sellbot HQ, Giggly Grove!"

"Why haven't you joined ToonTask yet? It'll be easier for us to communicate."

by Detective Superscooter March 13, 2009
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Also known as "Tappa Tappa Keg" is a new generation of fraternities created by two students attending Ave Maria University who wished to separate themselves from the homosexual tendencies of those surrounding them. Tappa Tappa Keg is well known for drinking beer. and lots of it. anyone can be a member as long as they love beer and attends a legitimate university.
The term TTK in regards to smoking a blunt and holding a beer during doggy style intercourse and ejaculating on the girls back, shouting "TTK!!!" was coined by the same two students.
Only a true member of Tappa Tappa Keg would TTK a bitch in front of everyone at the party.
by Johnny Keg January 6, 2008
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