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usually a beautiful hazel eyed beauty, with a hot bod, she can be known as a bitch but on the inside shes a sweetie. her friends are jealous of her coolness and beauty, she sticks with one friend usually a blonde, mely is a wonderful goddess who is praised by all guys. she can be found shopping or with an on and off boyfriend who is usually hot.
ohmygoshhh i wish i was mely, shes got everything!
by gooogooooforgaga October 17, 2010
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Mely is often short for Melissa , Mely is a beautiful girl who will never let you down. Mely is a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Mely's are often stubborn even though they mean well. Mely's are hard working and love to create beautiful works of art. Mely's enjoy painting, creating , and having fun. They love fashion, nail art and most importantly makeup.
Mely is so fashionable and I love her.
by Smiley Riley January 03, 2017
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A trailer-trash, money grubbing whore who like being manipulative and vindictive. Usually found at trashy joints like strip joints and Hooter-like restaurants. Will do anything for a buck. Her deceptive nature is best captured by her physical beauty, though her mind works in a most devilish and ugly manor.
That poor man has been seduced by another mely.
by MELY June 12, 2003
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