a fucking dumbass that doesn't know jackshit and acts like he is the boss
by Melon Head Cock Suckin idiot December 14, 2016
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A large headed creature thats runs around Wisner road in Kirtland screaming.
by the prophet June 8, 2004
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Suffering from a hangover. "Melon headed" is a variant.
I drank booze in excess last night and woke up this morning with a melon head.
by Texas Wordsmith October 20, 2013
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a person with a head shaped oddly like a melon
melon u fukin ugly cunt ur head looks like a fukin melon u melon headed fukin disgrace
by fatman kristian January 5, 2005
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somebody who listens to and is a huge fan of the awesome band blind melon!!!!
grateful dead fans = dead heads
blind melon fans = melon heads
by reggaemuffin March 8, 2007
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Melon head a person with a massive head almost looks like a melon suprisingly. Even though this kid trys ton get through wothout being called melon head there always is one whilst u try to sneak into the room shouting out MELOOOOOONNNNN HHHEEEAADDDD then the whole class will join in with laughter
random dude:look he has a melon head
Random dude 2: i heard that we shall call him melon head
by Djsmoohty September 22, 2009
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ones head that is shaped in the size of a melon. one ugly stupid tag along with very bad acne resembling a hens ass with the body of a ethiopian crossed with a somalian. yellow teeth dragon breath mutherfucka.
melon u fuckin tag along. suck my dong.
by Luke Gill January 7, 2005
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