gemma from 9f who hates gingers and shakes her head when she talks like gale platt from corrie.says things like"fuck off you fuckin ginger knob end before i friggin kick ya in ya nuts you bloody friggin frig fuckin frig face ...............twat
go on melon , use parkers head like a football
by parker February 22, 2005
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a person with a large oversize head "GEORDIEMELON"
Biff has a pure massive Melon Head
by DX Selbinator June 26, 2010
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Someone with a head proportionately larger than their body, usually quite noticable.
Even at great distances,due to freak circumstances at birth,champion Gazelle Boxer Chris Butterworth of Pudsey near Leeds could easily be defined as a Melon Head. Amazingley, he has led an almost normal life so far.
by Molech March 30, 2013
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Someone who's head is in the shape of a melon.
Is also a way of bullying.
Sam: Hey!
Dexter: Haha! Your head looks like someone replaced your skull with a melon!
Sam: So?
Jake: Melon Head! Hahahahaha!
by 00jace no.2 November 4, 2013
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Of or relating to an unusually large cranium that is in the general shape of the melon family of fruit.
Is that a watermelon or your melon head behind the wheel?
by Will McDunn September 16, 2005
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Usually a female, who dosn't have many friends. Enjoys bullying poor innocent gingers, people with glasses and people with big ears. She's disrespectful to elders and needs to learn a respectful amount of manners whilst at the dinner table.
girl one: hey who's that girl over there shouting at that ginger?
girl two: ooh that's just a melon headed twat.
by lololololololol! January 16, 2011
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dora the fucking Explorer is a crop top melon head mexican child
7 years of age until the Season 5 episode "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure", in which she turns 8. She's 10 years old in Dora and Friends: Into the City!. In Dora and the Lost City of Gold she's 16 years old. but still looks 4 + a crop top melon head mexican child don't get mad
by aige June 10, 2021
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