The Melbourne Shuffle is a form of dance originating from Melbourne Australia. It's popular in the underground rave scene and is often performed to the sounds of most hard dance genres: Trance/Hard Trance/Hardstyle/Hard house.
The Melbourne Shuffle is a free form dance that can be best described as an organised freedom of movement. Shuffling (or rocking as coined by locals) is primarily a dance involved the feet rather than from the waste, and involves hitting the beat as well as the hat (2 stepping). Although looking quite complicated the shuffle is, at it's core, two simple steps. A side to side shuffling of the feet, and a 'running man' type action. Once these two movements are mastered a shuffler can incorporate anything they want to cater to there style. Hat tricks are commen tricks incorperated by shufflers.

In recent times thanks to events put on by pharmacy, Hard kandy, Bass station and PHD the shuffle has grown to a level that warrented the release of 'the melbourne shuffler documentry' and has seen a boom in its popularity, with shuffling becoming popular as far as malasia.
This Dance floor is for everyone.
I encourage my fellow dancers.
I do not dance for competition
I am Original
I am open Minded
I am Free.

I am a True rocker

Melbourne Shuffler
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A dance that some people started doing in melbourne when they found out that bang gang in Sydney had a dance but they stopped talking about it when they realised that it had an embarrassing name
person M: "hey did you hear that at 77 in Sydney they have this dance called the bang gang dance?"

person M2: " nah, bet its gay though"


person M: " yeh"


person M2: "yeah nah they're fags anyway we dance way better"

person M: "for sure like we should make up a name for that dance we do at honky tonks"

Person M2:" yeah dope what should we call it?"

person M: "dunno, we'll think of something sick"

person M2: "yeah, sydney losers"

person M: " I R win"

the melbourne shuffle was born
by porn pirate February 25, 2008
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A great underground rave dance that is still great, but has been screwed up and manipulated by LMFAO.
Here's a the short story of what Melbourne Shuffle is:
Melbourne Shuffle is an underground rave dance that is normally done with Trance/Techno/Hardstyle and/or Rock/Heavy Metal. It originated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia back in the mid-1980's. Back then people normally danced to trance or rock earning some shuffler's the term "Rocker". When 2004, 2005 rolled around, people started shuffling to Hardstyle and Hard Trance and wearing these baggy pants called "Phat Pants/Rave Pants"
Phat Pants are basically black, baggy thick denim jeans with reflective material on them, often making certain patterns and creates the illusion that they are gliding.
When 2010 rolled around, LMFAO came out with their song "Party Rock Anthem (Everyday I'm shuffling)".
This song, and the manipulated dance style often called "noobie shuffle' or 'newschool shuffle' did not bode well the original, Melbourne Shufflers who just danced for the fun and hanging around with their friends. It is apparent that LMFAO started shuffling just for fame, and only doing a move called the "Running Man" while real shuffling has much more moves like "Spins", "T-Step/SideStep", "Running/Walking Man", and "Kicks".

TL;DR Version:
LMFAO shuffles for fame and money
Melbourne Shuffle is done for fun, and passion.
Guy 1: Hey man, what's that sick stuff you are doing?
Guy 2: Just doing Melbourne Shuffle, it's a great way to express my like for certain kinds of music
Guy1: Like what?
Guy 2: Hardstyle, Hard Trence, et cetera
Guy 1: Cool can I try?
Guy 2: Sure, just search up a tutorial
by NitroWolf July 2, 2012
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A Badass Dance In Which People Dance Their Ass Off And Have Fun. Shuffle IS Better Than Jumpstyle, Tecktonik, etc.
Just Look Up "Melbourne Shuffle" And "Shuffle" On Youtube And You'll See All The Badass Action You're Missing.
by CrazyHardstyleBoy July 29, 2010
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An epileptic spasm in slippery shoes, usually orchestrated by low brow knuckle draggers who look like David Bowie on a bad hair day, clad in equally as ugly white jeans and oversized, outdated sweatshop shoes.

These "dances" are usually carried out upon the floors of Melbourne idiot gatherings known as "clubs" by ecstasy-tripping transvestites in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, who, ironically, usually bears more body hair than the "dancer".
Two Hektik Kents on a dancefloor discussing the quality of a Melbourne Shuffle

Hektik Kent #1: "Did you see Dimma's mint shuffle, brah?"

Hektik Kent #2: "Yeah, bro's a sick kent, re!"
by AdoptingARealName August 18, 2008
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Stacking two or more girls on top of each other in the doggy position then penetrating and switching from one different vagina/ass to another. Not unlike shuffling cards.
Brooh, I took home these two chicks, got em drunk and by the end of the night I was doing the Melbourne Shuffle on them, it was awesome!
by Maldeous July 15, 2010
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