1 definition by AdoptingARealName

An epileptic spasm in slippery shoes, usually orchestrated by low brow knuckle draggers who look like David Bowie on a bad hair day, clad in equally as ugly white jeans and oversized, outdated sweatshop shoes.

These "dances" are usually carried out upon the floors of Melbourne idiot gatherings known as "clubs" by ecstasy-tripping transvestites in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, who, ironically, usually bears more body hair than the "dancer".
Two Hektik Kents on a dancefloor discussing the quality of a Melbourne Shuffle

Hektik Kent #1: "Did you see Dimma's mint shuffle, brah?"

Hektik Kent #2: "Yeah, bro's a sick kent, re!"
by AdoptingARealName August 18, 2008
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