Large raver pants with extra large legs. Worn because they are generally thin and cool to dance in.
by pEa Dominy May 5, 2003
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a pair of trousers that when used with shuffling and dancing its creates an illusion that u are gliding on the floor... as well if owning these kind of typical pants u can usually buy them online for 200 dollllars or so... the reason is because of its sturdy material and its glow in the dark effects it is totally worth the buy ... aswell it is used for ravers shuflers and people who are just into the whole hardstyler scene, used as well for qdance qlimax or anyother events that someone is interested in taking these phats.... and no there are not tripp pants.... there is a difference
shuffler: whoah i like these pants
guy: ummm what are those?? they look like your gliding on the ground....
shufflers:they are called phat pants bro

guy: i like them!!! how much are they??
shuffler: i woud say around 200 or so... you can use them for events
by the lil jon shit 2 September 22, 2010
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Puffy pants worn by wiggas. They achieve ownership of them by asking their successful, wealthy parents for them.
I slapped on my phat-hat and my phat-ass pants and went ridin' with some girlies, fo' sho', nigga.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 4, 2003
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