A person that only take part in stereotypical people, places, objects, activities, or opinions objectionably thought of as being essential to African-American culture unironically.
When I get this refund, I’m gonna buy an all black Charger.

That’s such a basic black thing to buy.
by twerk breaker December 9, 2021
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Something that is not politically corrrect
basic black boy: Hey, he's a .........merr..... you can't say that
by Rozzysed August 6, 2016
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She sees the hypocrisy in white girl feminism, but claims her own version is perfect. She's blatantly racist and sexist, to the extreme, but at the same time, she claims it's all justified because she openly and proudly believes all men as well as all whites are worthless pieces of shit. Despite all this, she genuinely believes that a disproportionate amount of racism comes from whites, as well as believing that a disproportionate amount of sexism comes from men. She has no proof for these claims, as whites and men hardly ever speak out of line, yet, she claims it's there, you just need to look hard enough.

She calls black women "queens", and and claims she's fighting for her fellow "queens", while at the same time, all the people she hates the most are black women.

To add on to her endless list of entitlements, she is also furious all the time. This fury is created by years of dealing with the horrible consequences of her own actions.
Oh, just ignore her, she's just a basic black girl. Nothing she says, thinks or does has anything to do with reality.
by Phil Lapierre, Expert August 11, 2016
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Rhonda and a bunch of her basic black girl friends are getting brunch. Right now they're probably talking about iced coffee or an episode of the Bachelorette.
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Person1: Shonda is a basic black girl.
Person 2: Who's Shonda?
Person1: Noone. No such thing as a basic black girl.

Person 2: Ohhh
Person 3: True. True.
by LexO August 18, 2016
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Your average black girl who get wasted and lays around with too much men; will have children by five different men, and she can't tell which child is fathered by who. Is constantly angry and envious because she is still dealing with the piss-poor fallout of her stupid choices, and takes it out on her children.

She views herself as being better than her fellows, when in reality she is little more than scum and with good reason.
Tara is such a basic black girl; I've heard that she had her newborn taken into foster care again.
by LyassacheckList August 12, 2016
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A black female who loves everyone, who deals with a lot but is usually completely radical, & hypocritical. She encourages and supports her own race to the fullest, but then call whites ‘racist’ for doing likewise. She always talks about being black, and about black women and how they’re the ‘blueprint’ & are ‘queens’. She’s the type of black female who’d yell ‘cultural appropriation’ in everyone’s face then justify her selfishness by saying “we got hated for embracing our culture so nobody should ever embrace or celebrate our culture but us!”

Her very unrealistic and flawed thrive for equality clouds her rational judgement, which is why she ends us being a bit insufferable. She’d typically care more about ‘police brutality’ than things actually affecting their communities like single motherhood, feminism, and crime. She has a great heart though.
Jacob ( hot white boy who supports Trump, that we pretend isn’t cute because he supports Trump): Breonna Taylor wasn’t sleeping, her death is a result of her boyfriend’s inability to protect her. The police never fired at her, the shot simply catch her.

Tiana: Breonna Taylor’s death is a result of racism in America, she’s not getting justice because America hates black women!!!!

Jacob: you’re such a basic black girl, calm down.
by jamnieh November 14, 2020
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